Monday, May 14, 2012

Help me!

Hey girlies.. I know I've been kind of neglecting my blog as of late but a lot has been going on and I won't talk about it because I could go on about it alllllllllll day... anyway..

I'm in the market for a new camera! BUT I need your help!

Yes, YOU, humble reader. You, sitting there comfy at home or maybe even at work or school, looking at other blogs and maybe even drinking a cup of coffee..or tea.. Yes you. Not the girl behind you, or the dog next to

Now that I've gotten your attention and made you feel special (as you should, because you are), I would be honored if you could do me the favor of recommending a camera for me.. please? I do NOT have enough for a fancy shmancy camera... a point and shoot would be ideal. One with KICKASS macro don't understand..these have to be OMFG THIS IS AMAZING macro settings...okay maybe not that much but still.. Any recommendations? I'm looking at this Panasonic camera that's looking pretty good but I'm not sure.

Well, what do you recommend? What do you use? Thanks so much in advance for your help :D 


  1. I use a point and shoot Canon too! It's not as awesome as Scrangie or Vampy Varnish but its good enough. (=

  2. I agree anything Canon. I just got the Canon ELPH for about $200 on and it's really awesome. Takes great pictures.