Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hey girlies!

SO the reason I haven't been painting my nails lately? Finals, yeah but also, I'VE BEEN WORKING ON MY OWN INDIE NAIL POLISH LINE WITH MY BOYFRIEND!! We opened our shop today and we would LOVE it if you would check it out! :)

We named our line Mainstream Lacquer because we pull our inspiration from the media. Our first collection was naturally a Mean Girls based one, and although there's only 4 polishes up there right now, they're pretty awesome. We're gonna be adding more soon but we're kind of testing the waters for now :) Come check us out if you'd like, the link is

Let me know what you think! Thanks so much for reading, have a great weekend! OH, what are you guys doing this weekend? We're going to a Killers concert! I'm so excited! :D