Monday, May 06, 2013

Mini(ish) Rant

Hey girlies... so I feel the need to rant and this is my blog so I'll rant whenever I want! *crosses arms like some dumbass teenager* speaking of teenagers, my younger sister is a pain in the ass. But that's not on my mind right now.

Why do people drive like morons? Like, if you're in the turning lane and I'm in the lane to go straight, and you decide to be an asshole and go straight too, why the HELL do you think I'm going to let you go? And why the HELL do you think that I'm not going to honk my horn when you almost side swipe me? I hope you get a flat and that a million birds shit all over your stupid RAV-4. Asshole.

Also, Zoya is taking FOREVER with my order! I ordered the two Pixie Dust sets, plus a few others...before the Earth Day sale and it's still "Pending Stock Availability" .... what the flying flack? Honestly. I can't even...what? I'm thinking about cancelling my order but I really want the polishes...ugh, the struggle.

Another annoying thing right now: Instagram. If you look at my feed, you'll see it's not all nail polish. It's mostly nail polish but not all nail polish. Every time I post something that gets a decent amount of likes, I gain followers...that I then lose when I post my next picture that isn't nail polish. LOOK AT SOMEONE'S FEED BEFORE YOU FOLLOW THEM!! Sheesh...

Another thing...FINALS SUCK!! I can't wait to give all my classes the finger. I hate stupid school and stupid exams. Ugh.

Anyway, if you have anything to rant about, rant in the comments below! It's good to let it all out. I encourage it. Unless you're gonna say mean things about me. Don't do won't like my response lol. What's on YOUR mind?

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