Friday, August 10, 2012

OPI My Very First Knockwurst + Spectraflair

Hey hey.

I finally got my hands in the OPI Germany collection! I got six of the twelve shades, but I'm going back for more! I really love this collection, it's such a strong fall collection. I love love love fall colors and OPI did NOT disappoint!

The color I chose today was one of the light neutrals, My Very First Knockwurst. It's a pinky nude, very light and flattering. I also received a Spectraflair top coat today from Etsy, a shop called Digital Nails. I have Spectraflair but it's the coarse grade and looking at the pictures, it looked like a fine grade Spectraflair. It was also in a suspension base, which I liked a lot. The packaging was really cute too, it came with bright colored confetti and it was wrapped really nicely. Really cute, I suggest you check out her shop if you are in the market for a Spectraflair top coat.

Here is the result of my manicure, two coats of the OPI, one coat of the Spectraflair, and a coat of Seche Vite.

Sorry for that really cropped out picture, I didn't like the background noise. I chose it because some nails are blurry and some are in focus and I feel it shows the holo nicely.

Bear in mind that holographic top coats show up a lot better on dark colors, so it may not be as holo as it would be over a coat of black, but it's still pretty holo. I like it, it's neutral and blingy. I can see someone wearing this to work because in dim lighting, you can barely see the holo. I also like that the spectraflair isn't so packed in here that it turns everything into a pastel. This didn't mask the base color at all. I really really like that. Again, highly recommend this top coat.

What do you think? Do you like the look of a nude with holo? Let me know! Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Quick Update

Hey girlies, I'm not dead! Yay for that. I'm just having a really hard time this summer. And I'm having camera problems. And I don't have money for a new one yet. Sorry ): I will try to get back to regular blogging soon. Maybe it'll boost my spirits? Anywhos, thanks for those of you that are still following me. I love you all.

xo, Rini

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

OPI Rumple's Wiggin and China Glaze I'm Not Lion

Hey hey.

Today's manicure is one that I like very much. I like purple and gold together. I really like light purple and light gold together. Here is Rumple's Wiggin by OPI with an accent of China Glaze I'm Not Lion.

I'm loving the holo glitter in this.

What do you think about this combination? Thanks for reading!