Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hey hey guys.

No excuses, just apologies.

Sorry for not being here for a while. I have been trying to make the look of this blog different. I'm not decided yet on exactly how I want my blog to look so...meh. I'm going to work on it.

I did notice that I lost 2 followers. Sorry for not being a good blogger, hopefully you'll come back when I start blogging again in the new year. My new year's resolution is to actually keep up this blog. Let's see how that goes.

Now for those of you that still stuck around and are reading this, I want to reward you. I have a bottle of Orly Halo from the holiday collection that is up for grabs. I'm doing a sort of secret giveaway. I'm not going to tell people about it, so it really is only for those of you that actually read my blog. The way to enter is to simply comment on this post with your favorite color. I will pick someone (if anyone comments) on the first. This is only open to US readers...sorry for those that already commented...I should have said that earlier. That's it. I just want to see who actually reads my blog.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around, and trust me, 2013 will be a great year for All the Pretty Polish. I have some nail mail coming that is going to be perfect as my first posts of the year.

As always, thanks for reading. Happy Holidays. :-*

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I love you guys.

How I have any followers left is beyond me... I've been a really shitty blogger. And for a while, too. I guess you guys just really like my rants? I don't know, but thanks for sticking around.

So what's been up with ATPP? Here's a little recap:

got my power back...broke a nail...grew them better...broke another fucking nail...grew them an abscess on my wisdom tooth...face went back down to normal size...found a big ass peel on my I'm here.

I know what you're thinking: this girl is such a liar. She can't possibly have all of those bad things happen to her right after the other like that. Well, that's where your wrong. See, when you have bad luck like I do, shit like this happens. A lot. A hell of a lot.

About my nails: They're nubs. So you won't see them for another week. But you know I will blog because I have more bornpretty stuff to review, so I will be blogging soon.

About my wisdom tooth: It's ridiculous. Thanksgiving night it was bothering me. I took a pill and went to sleep. I woke up and looked like a chipmunk. My face kept swelling so I went to the ER and they told me it was a dental abscess. They gave me pills and antibiotics and told me to go to a dentist. Turns out it is hard as hell to find a dentist that takes my insurance around here. I gave up and went to my boyfriend's dentist. Payed $50 for the dentist to see me for a total of 5 minutes...just to tell me that I have an impacted wisdom tooth that got infected and that I need to see an oral surgeon. After a few hours on the phone with my insurance provider and multiple oral surgeons, I got an appointment for Tuesday. They're going to see if this other dentist is right, and if so, set up a date for me to get my wisdom tooth yanked out. As you can probably tell, I'm super excited about it...for any of you Sheldons out there, that was sarcasm.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been painting my nails and posting pictures on there. You may not have known all of that ^^ but now you do.

So what the hell have I done this past...month? Crocheted my fat little fingers off. I'm now selling some of my creations. I make the cutest little girl hats. I make boy hats too but they don't get the little flower on them that is so damn cute. If anyone's interested, I'll post pictures on here. I may open an Etsy store for them, who knows.

Anyways, how are YOU guys? I want to know! How was your Thanksgiving? What's on your Christmas list? I missed you guys! As always, thanks for reading :-* 

Thursday, November 08, 2012

I'm back!

Hey guys and gals. I'm back!

I was out of power for 10 days. Yes, 10 days without power which meant 10 days without read that right, 10 days without heat. I could deal with not having power. My boyfriend got power before I did so I charged my phone at his house. What really got to me was the cold...the cold was bad. My little sisters were shivering in their sleep and it broke my heart.. my youngest sister would press her face up against the fish tank and tell our fishes to not die.. it broke my heart. It was a bad 10 days... but we have our power back!

Hurricane Sandy kicked my ass though. No heat or power or nail polish. Well, if you follow me on instagram (@my_reh_neh) you know that I did paint my nails once in the dark and it came out pretty well. But I took that off and left them naked because it was really hard to see and I just wanted to focus on staying warm. I'm glad that I got my power back though and I'm ready to resume posting.

So tell me, what have I missed? Who else was affected by Sandy? What's new in the blogosphere? 10 days may not seem like a long time but it is...haha.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Color Club Cloud Nine

Hey girlies!

Now that I'm done fangirling, I can do a proper review. This time, the lovely lacquer is Cloud Nine by Color Club. It's a gorgeous light lilac strong (think Hulk strong) linear holo. Ridiculously gorgeous and application was a dream. I did experience more dragging and balding on this one than Harp On It, but that's probably my fault for not letting one layer dry before putting the next layer on. It was still great at two coats. And again, I was able to put top coat on without having it dull down the holographic effect. Here's a picture:

Isn't it perfect? I am in love with these polishes!

I also am quite proud of myself! I stopped being so shy and posted the swatch from yesterday on Color Club's Facebook page...and they shared it! It got over 200 likes on their page. Wow! I'm very excited about that :]

OH! The wear time on these holographics is amazing. It stayed put until I took it I'm very very pleased with these.

Again, you can purchase these directly from Color Club's website. Their shipping is incredibly fast. I ordered three of these on Wednesday evening and I got them today in the afternoon. Amazingly fast, if I do say so myself!

What do you think? Do you like this one? Let me know, thanks for reading! :D

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Color Club Harp On It

Hey guys!!

So I wasn't planning on posting for a while because I'm feeling under the weather but I had to post this polish..oh my gosh it's love in a bottle. Holy cow.

Color Club really knows how to give their fans what they want. We asked for holos and boy, did we get them. Wow. Their Halo Hues line is AMAZING. The formula on all the four I've tried have been great. I'm waiting on the two pinks as well as a back up of the color I'm showing you today. Yes, I got all six and a back up of the silver holo...don't judge me.

Anyways, onto the nail I am at a loss for words...just look at this beauty. I'm going to show you how amazing these polishes are by showing you an inside shot...yes, under regular lighting where most holos just look like a silvery, pastel shadow of what they actually are in the sun...except this one. Look at this:

Holy holo! This is INSIDE!! Not anywhere near sun since it was long after sundown when I put this one I'm amazed. Now, onto the one with flash:


This is amazing. This is so perfect. And if you notice, my nails are shorter in the second picture. I decided to go on a file-fest while wearing this...and IT STAYED ON! It's got amazing lasting power so far. I'll report back to you on how much it lasts...also, this has top coat on... can you believe this? I'm in complete and total awe. Color Club really outdid themselves. Great job. You guys get two manicured thumbs up from me.

I got mine at but I know and also have these...but they have black caps whereas they're supposed to be silver...yeah, they're cheaper but that little detail seems a bit fishy to me, so I just bought them directly from Color Club's website.

What do you think? Are you loving this as much as I am? I cannot stop staring at my nails...I'm in love. Let me know, thanks for reading! :D 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Born Pretty Store Nail Studs Review

Hey hey!

Today I have something that I'm really really excited about. I told you guys a while ago that Born Pretty Store contacted me about a review of one of their products. Well, today is the day I review said product! I wanted to use it a few times to be able to do a more thorough review.

The product that I chose was the 2mm silver nail studs. You can find them here: or by typing in the item ID 2859 in the search bar on their site.

I wanted to get a hang of these before I did a review and I'm now ready to give an honest, unbiased review.

When you get the product, It comes in a little baggie with a TON of studs. Here's a shot of the bag after using them for multiple manis:

That's enough to last a WHILE! Now I want to show you the size but instead of just showing you my nails (which I will in a bit), I'll show you a comparison with a penny because I know our nail sizes vary but penny sizes don't! Here's a shot of that:

Now here's the fun part: The manis. The first time I used them, I wanted something light and pretty so I did it over a pale pink. I didn't take a shot of that because I plan on doing it again. The next time, I used one of my favorites, Essie Mint Candy Apple. Here's what I did:

And here is what I did yesterday, which is by far my favorite:

This is two coats of China Glaze Stone Cold, btw. I figure if you're gonna do studs, you might as well make it look badass! I LOVE how this looks. I wish it would have lasted... one thing I learned is to always use top coat with things like this...and I didn't, so they fell off. But then again I did put my nails through a lot. And the other times I used top coat and they stayed put until I removed my polish.

Here's my tips and tricks on how to use these studs:

-Paint all your nails until they're one coat less than done. That means that if it takes two coats to make it even and opaque, paint one. If it takes three, paint two. Get it? Good.

-Paint your first nail with your final coat. Immediately pick up a stud and push it into the wet polish. I find that a pointy ended cuticle stick works well. Dip it into the topcoat and then pick up the stud and PUSH it into the nail. This way, when it dries, it will dry with the stud in it.

-Use your top coat of choice heavily. I mean it. A thin layer will not work. You need to secure the stud!

-Admire your nails. They look amazing!

Now, here's a bit about the studs themselves. They are small, but Born Pretty does offer different sizes, shapes, and colors. I personally like these small square ones. I also like that they are kinda rounded in the back and not completely flat because come on, who's nails are completely flat? I like that they kinda fit to your nail better than they would if they were flat.

Now, how do you get your studs? Well, you can go to Born Pretty Store and pay $5.73 for one bag, or you can use my code and get 10% off! In case you forgot what the code is, here's a picture:

You can also find the picture in the side bar, along with the code! Here it is if you just want to copy and paste it: APL91.

Sooooo, what do you think? Will you be trying these studs out? I personally love them, I think they're great. Let me know, thanks for reading! :D 

*disclosure: products in this post were sent to me for my honest, unbiased opinion. I am not getting paid to write this review, these are my personal opinions. 

Monday, October 08, 2012

OPI You Only Live Twice Swatches

Hello pretty ladies! Today I have a polish that has stolen my heart. Okay maybe not but I am infatuated with it right now.

Ever since I saw the promo pictures for OPI's Skyfall collection, I was in love with the shades. I like fall collections but there's something about the winter/holiday collections that always get to me. And this one really piqued my interested because there was only one glitter. Can you believe it? OPI did ONE glitter in a holiday collection? These past few years it's been all about the glitter (Burlesque, Muppets...) And now they only did one true glitter. They did do quite a few shimmers/glass flecks though. In fact, there's only two cremes in the collection.

I bought 9 out of the twelve shades. I didn't care much for Skyfall (brick red/kinda brown creme? snooze), Moonraker (brushstroke-y bluish silver chrome? pass) or The Living Daylights (large hex glitters in a burnt orange, blue, and gold (or possibly silver, I don't even remember)? no thanks, I like a my big hex glitter with little glitters mixed in). The 9 I did get, however, I'm in love with.

Today I have You Only Live Twice to show you. This is a beautiful nail polish. Holy crap is this one pretty. It's a jelly cranberry colored base with the prettiest gold/copper glass flecks in it. In the bottle the glass flecks look duochrome but I'm not really seeing that on the nail. And because the base is a jelly, it transforms the shimmers into this really pretty magenta-y color... It's difficult to explain. Sadly, it's even more difficult to capture on camera. I tried for THREE days to get a good picture, all in different lighting, and I got one picture I was satisfied with. Here it is:

Not the best picture, I know, but it accurately shows the color in MOST settings. In some light settings, the polish looks red. It really is an amazing color. Here's what happened when I tried to take a picture with flash to show the sparklies:

See how it changes the color? This polish does NOT like flash photography, ha. But I figured I'd show you because the glass flecks look cool.

The formula on this was perfect. Two easy, smooth, buttery coats of amazing color. I love it. Wear time is good too, I still have it on. It's been three days and I have very minimal tipwear.

So there you have it, the first of the nine OPI Skyfall polishes I got. My next post may or may not be another one from this collection; I am doing a review of the nail studs from and I want to see how long they last so I may add some 'while I was gone' manicures so I'm not gone for a week.

What do you think? Do you like this shade as much as I do? What are your picks from the OPI Skyfall collection? Let me know! Thanks for reading! :D 

Friday, October 05, 2012

What to Expect.

Hey girlies! I have some exciting posts coming up!

I got my nail studs in the mail from Born Pretty, so expect a review soon.

I also got 9 of the 12 OPI Skyfall shades (I didn't get Skyfall, Moonraker, or The Living Daylights). I'm looking for The Man with the Golden Gun... hopefully I'll find it soon.

I also found a couple of fall NOPI shades that I want to wear soon.

I also have some of the OPI Germany polishes that I have yet to swatch...

Because of all of those reasons, I'm going on a no buy until January. Unless I find MWTGG, in which case I will buy it IMMEDIATELY...but that's the only exception.

Anyway, I hope you guys are as excited as I am!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

China Glaze Live, Laugh, Love + Hello, Gorgeous!

Hey girlies. I'm back :]

Just because I haven't been blogging as of late, doesn't mean I've lost touch with the nail polish world. I still logged on and commented on posts and checked things out. I still painted my nails and sometimes even posted pictures on Instagram. I kept up with nail polish collections. I just hadn't been blogging about everything.

One of the newer collections to come out is the China Glaze United in Purpose collection for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Whereas other companies do duos or small collections, China Glaze went all out with a 12 piece collection. Of course, it's all pinks. And quite a few of them are pale pinks. I got 5 of them, and today I have two to show you. I'll show you a picture first, then I'll get into the details.

Please please please excuse my horrible skin on my fingers and such... I told you my eczema was bad. I'm so so sorry for that.. ): 

Live, Laugh, Love is a neon pink. The formula on this was very very similar to the China Glaze summer neons (the ones without shimmer) and it covered well in two easy coats. I like it but it's not super original or anything groundbreaking. Hello, Gorgeous! on the other It's like the China Glaze On Safari glitters. Colored microglitter + holo microglitter PACKED into a clear base. In this case, it's a light pink. It covered in two coats but it was pretty opaque in one coat so if you want to layer it, your best bet is to do a thin thin coat. I blurred the second picture to show the holo sparkle in it. There is another glitter like this in the collection, called United. That one is a bit darker and more...dusty? I don't know how to describe it but you can bet that you'll be seeing it soon. I plan on using it quite a bit.I love love love these kinds of glitters. I even got a backup bottle of I'm Not Lion from the On Safari collection. Great work, China Glaze.

ALSO, what top coat do you guys use? I'm in the market for a new one. I'm fed up with Seche right now, so much shrinkage even after I thin it. I used it for this manicure and the next day it looked like I hadn't changed my polish in a week. UGH! I tried Essie's Good to Go and it shrunk too but was MUCH less shiny... If I'm gonna have shrinkage regardless, I'd rather it be shiny like Seche but I still don't like Seche...does this make sense? Anyway, what top coat do you guys recommend? I don't like Poshe either, too many bubbles... picky, I know..hehe sorry.

What do you think? Are you loving the glitter as much as I am? Have you seen this collection yet? What's your favorite top coat? Let me know, thanks for reading! :] 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Born Pretty Store 10% Off

Hey girlies! I was contacted by Born Pretty Store and they were generous enough to offer me a free sample and a coupon for all of you guys to get 10% off. The code is APL91 :] if you forget it or want to use it at another time, you can find it on the sidebar riiight <-- there. Just thought I'd share this awesome offer with you!

Happy polishing, thanks for reading! :]

Sunday, September 16, 2012

You guys need to check her out!

Hey girlies! I don't usually do this, but this time I had to. I am an active user of instagram, and I love it because it allows me to find amazing nail artists that I don't always find online. One of the instagrammers that I like the most is @elissafay and guess what? SHE HAS A BLOG! You guys NEED to check her out, her nails are perfect and they're always so pretty! That's all for today's post, I just wanted to share with you guys an awesome blog that I know you guys will love!

Thanks for reading! :]

PS, for those of you concerned: my nails are growing back...very very slowly but they're growing back. And my new camera got here! :]

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey girlies. Thank you so much to everyone that still follows me. I really appreciate it. I have a few things to say.

1. My eczema is clearing up! It's not magically going away but it is clearing up and I'm happy about that. :D

2. I'm getting a new camera! The camera I've been using is actually my father's and he doesn't know I have it so I'm gonna give it back and buy my own. And because I won't have to use it when he's not around, I should be able to post more frequently. I don't have all of the money to buy the new one yet, but I will very soon and I should be getting the camera soon. :D

3. I'm going to have more time to actually blog! I have breaks between classes and I have to wait for my boyfriend to get out of class on some days so I will have more time to blog. I figure I can take pictures the day I do my nails, and the next day I can crop them, watermark them, and type up the post. That means more time for more thorough reviews and better pictures since I won't have to rush it to be able to post before I have 35987258974 things to do.

Hopefully these changes result in a better blog for you guys, because that's what's most important. Again, thanks for being so patient with me and thanks for not unfollowing me. I really do appreciate you guys and I'm working on another giveaway. Keep in mind that I'm a broke college student so it may take a while to get everything together but I AM working on it.

Thanks so much for everything and I love you guys <3 Have a great day! Thanks for reading! :D 


I just bought a new camera! It should be here Thursday, so expect new posts on the weekend or by Monday the latest! :D

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I'm not dead...yet.

Hey guys. So again I'm a terrible blogger... I have an excuse though. Lately it's been one thing after the other. First it was my depression, which is an ongoing issue but anyone with it knows that some days are worse than others...lately I've been having those 'worse' days a LOT. And then my eczema started acting up. I've never talked about it on here but I have this strange form of eczema that manifests itself as extreme dryness of the hands and feet, along with blister-like bumps that show up everywhere. I'm sure the fact that I've been stressed lately has greatly contributed to that. And today was the start of the semester for me.. It's just been a really shitty summer and I'm not in a happy place right now. Just wanted to keep you guys posted, if anyone actually reads my blog anymore. For those of you that do, I promise I will try to get back into the swing of things.. Thanks for reading. <3

Friday, August 10, 2012

OPI My Very First Knockwurst + Spectraflair

Hey hey.

I finally got my hands in the OPI Germany collection! I got six of the twelve shades, but I'm going back for more! I really love this collection, it's such a strong fall collection. I love love love fall colors and OPI did NOT disappoint!

The color I chose today was one of the light neutrals, My Very First Knockwurst. It's a pinky nude, very light and flattering. I also received a Spectraflair top coat today from Etsy, a shop called Digital Nails. I have Spectraflair but it's the coarse grade and looking at the pictures, it looked like a fine grade Spectraflair. It was also in a suspension base, which I liked a lot. The packaging was really cute too, it came with bright colored confetti and it was wrapped really nicely. Really cute, I suggest you check out her shop if you are in the market for a Spectraflair top coat.

Here is the result of my manicure, two coats of the OPI, one coat of the Spectraflair, and a coat of Seche Vite.

Sorry for that really cropped out picture, I didn't like the background noise. I chose it because some nails are blurry and some are in focus and I feel it shows the holo nicely.

Bear in mind that holographic top coats show up a lot better on dark colors, so it may not be as holo as it would be over a coat of black, but it's still pretty holo. I like it, it's neutral and blingy. I can see someone wearing this to work because in dim lighting, you can barely see the holo. I also like that the spectraflair isn't so packed in here that it turns everything into a pastel. This didn't mask the base color at all. I really really like that. Again, highly recommend this top coat.

What do you think? Do you like the look of a nude with holo? Let me know! Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Quick Update

Hey girlies, I'm not dead! Yay for that. I'm just having a really hard time this summer. And I'm having camera problems. And I don't have money for a new one yet. Sorry ): I will try to get back to regular blogging soon. Maybe it'll boost my spirits? Anywhos, thanks for those of you that are still following me. I love you all.

xo, Rini

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

OPI Rumple's Wiggin and China Glaze I'm Not Lion

Hey hey.

Today's manicure is one that I like very much. I like purple and gold together. I really like light purple and light gold together. Here is Rumple's Wiggin by OPI with an accent of China Glaze I'm Not Lion.

I'm loving the holo glitter in this.

What do you think about this combination? Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Essie Bazooka + China Glaze Mango Madness

Hey hey.

So a while ago, I won a contest over at Peace, Love & Polish and got some awesome China Glaze glitters...that somehow got put into the bottom drawer of my melmers. I was looking all over for them for the longest time...and never thought to look in there because I NEVER go in there anymore. Well, I found them, finally, and I'm glad I did.

One of the colors was Mango Madness, which is an awesome sheer orange jelly base with glitter that changes color but isn't holographic...that makes sense. Anyways, I like glitter polishes, but removal can be a pain in the ass, so I use glitter as an accent nail. This lead to a search for the perfect base for this polish...which I couldn't find.

I then remembered that I had Essie Bazooka, and I thought it would work. I like the result. Here's two coats of the Essie with one coat of Mango Madness over it on my ring finger, and Seche:

I like it, a lot. It's bright and summery and shimmery :]

What do you think? You like? Again, thank you Heather for the China Glaze! :D Thanks for reading!! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Essie Bikini So Teeny Swatch

Hey girls.

Today I have a picture of the only bikini I would ever wear. Essie Bikini So Teeny is the namesake of their summer collection, and a great shade overall. I love it. Granted, it wasn't the light blue that I've been lemming, because it has a periwinkle shade to it. Here is two coats with some Seche:

There is a shimmer that is visible in the bottle but almost disappears completely on the nail. I don't mind though, you all know I love me my cremes.

The formula..ay, the formula. Thick, kind of goopy, and very very prone to bald spots and dragging. I should actually call this two and a half coats. The color, I think, is worth it though because it's so pretty. I love it. I even have this on my toes, and I NEVER match my nails to my toes.

What do you think? Do you like it? Have you tried it? Let me know, thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Essie Armed and Ready Swatch

Hey girls.

I needed a break from the bright colors I've been sporting lately and I had a color in my stash that I was going to wait til fall to use, even though it came out in a spring collection.. Anyways. Here is Essie Armed and Ready, a great dark green with gold shimmer throughout. I see other color shimmers in there but I don't know. Below is two coats with top coat:

Nevermind the fingerprints all over the bottle...

Formula wise, I almost love this. It's thin and watery but very pigmented. I would love it if it didn't have the tendency to pool in your cuticles. If only, huh?

What do you think? Do you like this? I'm sure I'll love this in the fall. Let me know, thanks for reading! :D 

Sunday, July 08, 2012

China Glaze Love's a Beach Swatch

Hey hey.

So, my nail polish chipped rather quickly so I had to do a change. I wanted to try another one of the China Glaze neons from their summer collection. I did a bright but dark pink this time, Love's a Beach. As with most of their summer neon shades, this one has an awesome shimmer that makes it different than just a regular neon pink. I like it.

Here's two coats with Seche:

Again, this one needed Seche too. The formula was thick as hell but manageable. Dry time is SLOW. Don't do any heavy hand work for a few hours after painting your nails with this. Even after Seche and quick drying drops.

The color, I find it to be unique in my stash. It's darker than most hot pinks I have, and the shimmer makes it stand out. Well done, China Glaze. You took a predictable color and made it somewhat unique. I can dig that.

What do you think? Do you think it's too typical? Do you like it? Let me know, thanks for reading! :D 

Saturday, July 07, 2012

China Glaze Surfin' for Boys Swatch

Hello hello.

I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to take off my previous manicure, but I sadly did. I did do something pretty awesome to my nails though, and that was put on China Glaze Surfin' for Boys. Oh man. See, I love coral. Coral is such a great color. And China Glaze managed to make it a neon shimmer? This is a total win in my book. I love it. It's loud and bright and Here is two coats with much-needed Seche, for multiple reasons:

This needed Seche for more than one reason: 1. It dries matte. 2. I find that neons tend to chip easily. 3. THIS TAKES FOREVER TO F**KING DRY! Holy crap does this take forever to dry. After only two coats and Seche, AND some OPI Drip Dry (or whatever they're called), it was still dentable 3 hours later. I didn't even do thick coats. What the hell?

Also, you may notice that the bottle color looks really different from my nail color. I am holding the right bottle, don't worry. The shimmer settles, and it just so happened to have settled on that side of the bottle.

Another thing I would like to note is that I've recently gotten a few followers seemingly out of the blue. Like, I normally would get a new follower once every two, three weeks but I've noticed that in the past week, I've gotten a bit of followers. And to those followers, I'd like to say WELCOME! Thank you for visiting my blog and following me! And to my old followers: THANK YOU! Thanks for putting up with my mood swings and my random hiatuses. You guys are awesome and even if no one reads this, at least I said it :b


What do you think? Do you like this bright shade, or do you prefer for your nails to NOT sear your retinas? Let me know, thanks for reading! 

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Color Club Ruffle Mani

Hey girlies! So on Instagram, I followed Chalkboard Nails, and that's how I found her blog. She is amazing, if you don't already, you should follow her. Anyways, she did this really cute manicure and then tutorial which she called the Ruffle Manicure. I'll link to the tutorial here. I had to recreate it. Here's what I came up with:

I used all Color Clubs. The base is Blue-Ming, and the others are, in order from cuticle to free edge, go as follows:
Chelsea Girl, Warhol, Age of Aquarius, Ms. Socialite, Take Me to Your Chateau, and Pucci-licious.

What do you think? Do you like it? Let me know, thanks for reading! :D 

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I need a swap buddy.

Seriously, does anyone from anywhere except New Jersey want to be my swap buddy? Anyone in Europe? Anyone anywhere that has cool polishes that I don't have access to? Lol. :b

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Purple Butter LONDON Leopard Mani.

Hey hey hey. Today's post will be short and sweet because I'm still in a rut and I don't want to talk much. Here is a leopard mani I did with my Butter LONDON purples. I used Muggins as the base on all fingers except the ring fingers, Scoundrel as the spots, and HRH as the base of my ring fingers as well as the outline of the spots. Excuse the shrinkage that looks like tipwear from my Seche Vite. Enjoy.

God, holding that bottle is so difficult.

What do you think? Do you like it? Let me know, thanks for reading! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

China Glaze Pink Plumeria + Fishy Scales

Hey guys. I'm upset cuz I broke a nail and had to cut them down to nubs. That didn't stop me from trying out this baby though, China Glaze Pink Plumeria from their new summer collection of neons. I kinda love this a lot. It's not really pink it's like a coral? Peach? Idk but it's bright and neon and a shimmer. I love it. Here it is with a fish scale accent nail:

Don't mind my nubs...

Anyways, I got a free bottle of Seche Retain at Sally's so I'm trying that out and I'm gonna do a review on that after I've used it for a while to see how it works. :]

What do you think? Do you like it? Let me know, thanks for reading! :]

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Malware Stuff

): so apparently my site had this warning thing that a lot of blogs have been experiencing. I fixed it but I had to get rid of my blog roll.. ): and I can't read some of my favorite blogs because of the warnings. ): just thought I'd share in case you came to my blog and saw that. I fixed it. Til next time.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

OPI Pedal Faster, Suzi!

Hey girlies. Still not in the mood for words, but I want to say thank you to those of you who left me your email addresses and said that I could talk to them about what's going on. It's nice to know that people care, but I don't want to be a burden to anyone so I'll keep to myself. I just wanted you guys to know that I appreciate it very, very much.

Anyways...nail polish. Here's two coats of Pedal Faster, Suzi! by OPI with some Seche. It reminds me of Princesses Rule! only more opaque. I've shown that before here. Anyways, here you go.

Not sure why that's out of camera is crap. It was...okay. Formula was kinda thick and goopy, and it chipped the next day.

What do you think? Like it? Dislike it? Let me know, thanks for reading.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

OPI I Have A Herring Problem

Hey girls. So I'm in a really really bad place right now and don't feel like talking and just bringing you guys down by reading negative I'm gonna leave the talking to a minimum and just show you a polish that perfectly and accurately portrays the mood I'm in: blue, grey, with little glimmers of hope.

Two coats of OPI I Have A Herring Problem with a coat of Seche Vite and some OPI Drip Dry, hence the oily-looking fingers.

What do you think? Do you like this? Let me know, thanks for reading! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls Swatch

Hey girlies :]

Of the Spiderman Collection that OPI put out, I was only interested in three of the shades. I've already showed you Just Spotted the Lizard, and I'm saving Number One Nemesis until the fall because I'm sure I'll love it more then. Today I have My Boyfriend Scales Walls, which I absolutely love.

This is a really, really, REALLY light gray polish. So light that you think it's white, until you're holding something that IS white and realize that the polish is gray. The formula on this one is AMAZING. It's almost like someone at the OPI factory was making a batch of Alpine Snow, poured in some amazing formula elixir, and accidentally dropped a drop of Black Onyx into the mix and said “Gosh darn it, we're gonna have to come up with a name for this and put it into a collection somehow.” I know this probably didn't happen, but in my imagination, that's what went down.

What you see below is TWO coats..yes, two coats of a near white polish with a perfectly smooth finish. I topped it with some Seche Vite, and it lasted 4 days before I got bored and painted my nails again. In those 4 days, however, it didn't chip and showed very minimal tip wear. Here's a picture:

What do you think? Do you like it? Have it? Are you not impressed? Let me know, thanks for reading! :D  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm, as an Apology, I'll Sear your Retinas with Essie Camera.

Hey girlies... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for neglecting my blog and not posting anything for a whiiiile. I have been checking in and commenting on stuff I just..I don't know. I've been down in the dumps lately (as usual..) and I'm not really...personable right now? I don't know. Anyways, I have a mani today that will hopefully get me back into the swing of things and back into blogging again.

I recently got my hands on two of the new Essie shades and I couldn't wait to use them. I loooove coral, so I went with Camera first. It's a great coral crelly. This does have neon pigment in it, it dried semi-matte. It covered well in two coats, and the formula was great (which shocked me because as much as I love Essie, their formula is usually really problematic). I wanted to spice it up so I did an accent nail. Have a looky:

"But Rini," you say, "this isn't really looks orange. You big fat liar." No guys I swear it's coral. It's just so bright that it freaked out my camera. How do we fix it? I know, natural lighting and image manipulation! Here's what it really looks like:

Ah, that's better.

The other shade I picked up is Bazooka, which is a red-orange shade...another coral, I suppose. I originally wasn't going to get it but after I saw it in person, I knew it was coming home with me. I'll so something with it soon.

What do you think? Do you forgive me? I'm sorry ): Do you like this Essie? Let me know, thanks for reading! :D 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Help me!

Hey girlies.. I know I've been kind of neglecting my blog as of late but a lot has been going on and I won't talk about it because I could go on about it alllllllllll day... anyway..

I'm in the market for a new camera! BUT I need your help!

Yes, YOU, humble reader. You, sitting there comfy at home or maybe even at work or school, looking at other blogs and maybe even drinking a cup of coffee..or tea.. Yes you. Not the girl behind you, or the dog next to

Now that I've gotten your attention and made you feel special (as you should, because you are), I would be honored if you could do me the favor of recommending a camera for me.. please? I do NOT have enough for a fancy shmancy camera... a point and shoot would be ideal. One with KICKASS macro don't understand..these have to be OMFG THIS IS AMAZING macro settings...okay maybe not that much but still.. Any recommendations? I'm looking at this Panasonic camera that's looking pretty good but I'm not sure.

Well, what do you recommend? What do you use? Thanks so much in advance for your help :D 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard Swatches, Review, and Comparison

Hello lovelies. Today I have a post that I've been wanting to do for a long time. I saw the press release for the OPI Spiderman collection a while ago and I was really excited for three of the shades, which I finally got yesterday. The first I will be showing you is the Chanel Peridot dupe, Just Spotted the Lizard. JSTL is almost exactly the same as Peridot. Gold base with a green/blue duochrome shift. Here are two coats of it with top coat:

Now I've shown you Peridot on here before so I didn't feel the need to do the whole alternating finger comparison because you've seen it on my fingers before. I did, however, do a comparison on a nail wheel. Lookie here: 

OPI is on the left, Chanel is on the right.

Chanel is on the left, OPI is on the right.
 They're sooo similar, right? Well, in my eyes, they're not perfect dupes. I think the OPI has a bit more...yellow to it? The Chanel is softer and sparklier at the same time...if that makes sense. I know people have been saying that the OPI formula is better but...I prefer the Chanel. I'm not sure why. I also prefer the smaller brush on the Chanel which is weird because I love the OPI brush. I guess it's because of the finish of this polish? Not sure. All in all, I'm glad to have both, but I prefer the Chanel. I can't wait to use the OPI for other stuff though, like stamping! So excited for that.

My final verdict is that if you love the look of the Chanel but hate the pricetag, you better run out and get Just Spotted the Lizard. It'll definitely crush your lemming..but nothing compares to having the Chanel. Thanks babe! ;)

What do you think? Do you have this yet? Do you notice any difference or am I just crazy? Let me know, thanks for reading! :D

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Essie Navigate Her and Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

Hey girlies.. I don't have much to say today so I'm just going to show you pictures. Here's two coats of Essie Navigate Her with Seche Vite:

Sorry for the blurry phone picture. Here it is with Glass Slipper sponged on the tips:

What do you think? Do you like it? Let me know, thanks for reading! :]

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Layla Mercury Twilight Swatches

Hey girlies. I'm very excited to show you my manicure today, it's a very beautiful polish. It's Mercury Twilight by Layla, a stunning linear silver holo. It's very, very pretty. I'll give you the bad news first though: the formula sucks ass. Holy cheeseballs, this polish was a pain in the ass to put in. It still has some streaks and bald spots but I did not want to waste any more polish...I tried to put it on over two different bases before this one, and the bottle is only 10 mL so you can imagine how much I wasted and how much it hurt my little polish-loving heart. It's pricey, too. It costs $15.50 for 10 mL. You're getting less product for more money... but oh boy is it worth it. You're going to have to excuse the quality of these photos. I had to use my phone because my camera is being a pain in the ass too. Here is three coats, with OPI top coat:

The trick to applying this? No base coat. Not even the ol' using a matte top coat as a base worked. I had to skip on the base coat... this will probably result in quicker chipping but whatever. I love this, it's soooo pretty. I can't stop looking at my fingers. :]

What do you think? Do you like it? Have it? Let me know! Any tips on how to apply it better?! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OPI DS Original and Instagram!

Hey girlies :] Today I have a re-swatch of OPI DS Original. I'm in a very holographic mood, and some goodies should be arriving next week ;) But for now, I'll stick with an oldie but goodie. Here are two coats with Seche:

Look at it! She's gorgeous! :D

Also, I now have an Instagram! I'm still a noob so I'm not sure how things work yet but you guys can follow me if you'd like, my user name is: my_reh_neh may seem silly but it's the way to pronounce my name, which no one seems to be able to do lol. Let me know if you have an Instagram and I'll follow you! :D

What do you think? Do you like it? Let me know! Thanks for reading! :D 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Essie Cute As A Button Swatches

Hey gals :] So remember how I said I would wear my last mani for a few days? I ruined it the next day in the shower...then I took it off and just had a coat of Gelous on my nails and the stupid door on my boyfriend's bathroom broke THREE of my nails! So I've been hiding my nails since. I think they're okay to show now. I'm still on my coral kick, so I decided to go for another coral crelly. This time I went for a lighter color, and I chose Cute As A Button by Essie. I'm not sure if I've showed this already... welp, here it is. The pictures are two coats with Seche. Here you go:

Look at how pretty it is! :] I love it, it's very spring-y and I think it looks good with my skin. It's another color shifter, here it is in the sun:

See how it looks almost orange? I like it. It's very spring-ish. :] It's a crelly so it's super shiny on its own. Hopefully I can wear this one for a few days. No worries, I have a post planned that I'm sure you guys will find...amusing. 

What do you think? Do you like it? Let me know! Thanks for reading! :] 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sinful Colors Thimbleberry Swatches

Hey girlies! I know I took a little break but that was because for the past 4 (yes, 4!) days, I've had Essie Mint Candy Apple on my nails and I already showed you pictures of it so I deemed it unnecessary to post it again...but I know I'll be wearing it again soon so I'll show you pictures then. Today I have a polish in my current favorite color, coral. I love love love the color purple, but coral is a really close favorite and lately I've been on a coral kick. This is Sinful Colors Thimbleberry...well, according to Google that's what it's called. My bottle says Timbleberry, without the h...whatever. Here's two coats with some Seche:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. No, you do not need to adjust your monitor. Yes, those three pictures are of the same polish. See how it changes depending on the lighting? Also, excuse my shitty camera that fuzzes the pictures unless there's flash. In some lights, it looks like an orange leaning some lights, it looks like a pinky some lights it looks some lights it looks pink...outdoors, it looks coral. It's a trickster, it messes with your eyes. I love it regardless, and I plan on wearing it for a few days. I actually wore this before and didn't take pictures. Sorry. I'm a bad blogger.

What do you think? Do you have this? Do you love coral too? Let me know, thanks for reading! 

Sunday, April 08, 2012

China Glaze Optical Illusion Swatches

Hey girlies! So I love you guys. You guys are great. The other day, I was having a bad day. I got home and there was a package waiting for me... I had no clue what it was, so naturally I tore it open. In it I found a card and China Glaze Optical Illusion. They came from Heather of Peace, Love and Polish. I was so excited, I put it on immediately. Here are some pictures:

This is an awesome duochrome glitter... the glitter isn't individually duochrome, the entire nail has the effect! It's awesome, no? I tried to capture the aqua-to-violet shift but I failed. Pretend you see it. It really is amazing. This is two coats with Seche buuut it's gritty, so I'd definitely recommend some Gelous then top coat to smooth it out.

There's a funny story with this polish. I got it in the mail, and the next day, my boyfriend bought me this and Riveting for my Easter basket...I have them both already! Where he bought them they don't take returns so I'm going to give them away! I'm looking for something else to add so it's not just a two polish giveaway so look out for that. :]

What do you think? Do you like this? Let me know, thanks for reading! :] 

Monday, April 02, 2012

Blue for Autism Awareness

Hey girlies. So today is World Autism Awareness Day, and of course I had to use a blue polish to show my support! My youngest sister (whose little hands you've seen on my blog before!) is autistic, so awareness for this is something I fully support. I wanted to use a very special polish, one of my absolute favorites, to show my support. Now, I kind of cheated because this isn't fully blue. It's a blue jelly base full of gold-to-green duochrome shimmer. It is Orly Halley's Comet. It's a dupe to Zoya Charla and OPI Catch Me in Your Net. I looove this color so much. It's one of my favorites, and I figured it'd be great for this mani. Here is two coats with some Seche in different lighting to show the different faces of this polish:

I hope you like it! I can't stop staring at my hands! I love how it catches the light, deeming it the perfect "Light it Up" blue! Haha, get it? ... I need better jokes.

What do you think? Do you like this? Do you have it? Did you wear blue today? Let me know, thanks for reading! :D

My first Guest Post!

Hey girlies! Just wanted to let you know that I did my very first guest post over at Peace, Love and Polish! You can check it out here. While you're there, look at Heather's awesome work and follow her blog! She's great, honestly :]

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? Swatches

Hey girlies. Of the few polishes from the Holland collection that I picked up, Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? was tied in first place for my favorite. I loved the idea of the red shimmer in the sounded very promising. It even looks great in pictures. Here, have a look:

Here, let's deceive you even more and add some more flash:

Doesn't that sparkle look great? It sure does! Too bad it doesn't show up much in real all. It looks like I have a medium purple creme on. It actually looks like an old lady color, to be honest. I don't know. Maybe it's the shitty lighting in this hell hole but it doesn't look as good as it does in these pictures. And I'm not saying that I take great pictures. I'm saying that my shitty photo skills make this polish look better than it actually is, which is odd. This polish is like that girl that isn't really pretty in real life but looks gorgeous in pictures. It's a photogenic polish... eh. We'll see how I feel about this in the sunlight, if we get any tomorrow.

What do you think? Do you have this? Do you like it? Let me know, thanks for reading :] 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pink Wednesday- OPI Mod About You and Princesses Rule!

Hey girlies. It's been a long long while since I did a Pink Wednesday and for that I am sorry. I was in the mood for some light, crisp pink polish and I saw OPI Mod About You and didn't think twice. I love it. Here I paired it with Princesses Rule! as an accent nail. Here you go:

What are you wearing for Pink Wednesday? Do you like this combo? Let me know, thanks for reading! :]