Friday, October 26, 2012

Color Club Cloud Nine

Hey girlies!

Now that I'm done fangirling, I can do a proper review. This time, the lovely lacquer is Cloud Nine by Color Club. It's a gorgeous light lilac strong (think Hulk strong) linear holo. Ridiculously gorgeous and application was a dream. I did experience more dragging and balding on this one than Harp On It, but that's probably my fault for not letting one layer dry before putting the next layer on. It was still great at two coats. And again, I was able to put top coat on without having it dull down the holographic effect. Here's a picture:

Isn't it perfect? I am in love with these polishes!

I also am quite proud of myself! I stopped being so shy and posted the swatch from yesterday on Color Club's Facebook page...and they shared it! It got over 200 likes on their page. Wow! I'm very excited about that :]

OH! The wear time on these holographics is amazing. It stayed put until I took it I'm very very pleased with these.

Again, you can purchase these directly from Color Club's website. Their shipping is incredibly fast. I ordered three of these on Wednesday evening and I got them today in the afternoon. Amazingly fast, if I do say so myself!

What do you think? Do you like this one? Let me know, thanks for reading! :D

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Color Club Harp On It

Hey guys!!

So I wasn't planning on posting for a while because I'm feeling under the weather but I had to post this polish..oh my gosh it's love in a bottle. Holy cow.

Color Club really knows how to give their fans what they want. We asked for holos and boy, did we get them. Wow. Their Halo Hues line is AMAZING. The formula on all the four I've tried have been great. I'm waiting on the two pinks as well as a back up of the color I'm showing you today. Yes, I got all six and a back up of the silver holo...don't judge me.

Anyways, onto the nail I am at a loss for words...just look at this beauty. I'm going to show you how amazing these polishes are by showing you an inside shot...yes, under regular lighting where most holos just look like a silvery, pastel shadow of what they actually are in the sun...except this one. Look at this:

Holy holo! This is INSIDE!! Not anywhere near sun since it was long after sundown when I put this one I'm amazed. Now, onto the one with flash:


This is amazing. This is so perfect. And if you notice, my nails are shorter in the second picture. I decided to go on a file-fest while wearing this...and IT STAYED ON! It's got amazing lasting power so far. I'll report back to you on how much it lasts...also, this has top coat on... can you believe this? I'm in complete and total awe. Color Club really outdid themselves. Great job. You guys get two manicured thumbs up from me.

I got mine at but I know and also have these...but they have black caps whereas they're supposed to be silver...yeah, they're cheaper but that little detail seems a bit fishy to me, so I just bought them directly from Color Club's website.

What do you think? Are you loving this as much as I am? I cannot stop staring at my nails...I'm in love. Let me know, thanks for reading! :D 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Born Pretty Store Nail Studs Review

Hey hey!

Today I have something that I'm really really excited about. I told you guys a while ago that Born Pretty Store contacted me about a review of one of their products. Well, today is the day I review said product! I wanted to use it a few times to be able to do a more thorough review.

The product that I chose was the 2mm silver nail studs. You can find them here: or by typing in the item ID 2859 in the search bar on their site.

I wanted to get a hang of these before I did a review and I'm now ready to give an honest, unbiased review.

When you get the product, It comes in a little baggie with a TON of studs. Here's a shot of the bag after using them for multiple manis:

That's enough to last a WHILE! Now I want to show you the size but instead of just showing you my nails (which I will in a bit), I'll show you a comparison with a penny because I know our nail sizes vary but penny sizes don't! Here's a shot of that:

Now here's the fun part: The manis. The first time I used them, I wanted something light and pretty so I did it over a pale pink. I didn't take a shot of that because I plan on doing it again. The next time, I used one of my favorites, Essie Mint Candy Apple. Here's what I did:

And here is what I did yesterday, which is by far my favorite:

This is two coats of China Glaze Stone Cold, btw. I figure if you're gonna do studs, you might as well make it look badass! I LOVE how this looks. I wish it would have lasted... one thing I learned is to always use top coat with things like this...and I didn't, so they fell off. But then again I did put my nails through a lot. And the other times I used top coat and they stayed put until I removed my polish.

Here's my tips and tricks on how to use these studs:

-Paint all your nails until they're one coat less than done. That means that if it takes two coats to make it even and opaque, paint one. If it takes three, paint two. Get it? Good.

-Paint your first nail with your final coat. Immediately pick up a stud and push it into the wet polish. I find that a pointy ended cuticle stick works well. Dip it into the topcoat and then pick up the stud and PUSH it into the nail. This way, when it dries, it will dry with the stud in it.

-Use your top coat of choice heavily. I mean it. A thin layer will not work. You need to secure the stud!

-Admire your nails. They look amazing!

Now, here's a bit about the studs themselves. They are small, but Born Pretty does offer different sizes, shapes, and colors. I personally like these small square ones. I also like that they are kinda rounded in the back and not completely flat because come on, who's nails are completely flat? I like that they kinda fit to your nail better than they would if they were flat.

Now, how do you get your studs? Well, you can go to Born Pretty Store and pay $5.73 for one bag, or you can use my code and get 10% off! In case you forgot what the code is, here's a picture:

You can also find the picture in the side bar, along with the code! Here it is if you just want to copy and paste it: APL91.

Sooooo, what do you think? Will you be trying these studs out? I personally love them, I think they're great. Let me know, thanks for reading! :D 

*disclosure: products in this post were sent to me for my honest, unbiased opinion. I am not getting paid to write this review, these are my personal opinions. 

Monday, October 08, 2012

OPI You Only Live Twice Swatches

Hello pretty ladies! Today I have a polish that has stolen my heart. Okay maybe not but I am infatuated with it right now.

Ever since I saw the promo pictures for OPI's Skyfall collection, I was in love with the shades. I like fall collections but there's something about the winter/holiday collections that always get to me. And this one really piqued my interested because there was only one glitter. Can you believe it? OPI did ONE glitter in a holiday collection? These past few years it's been all about the glitter (Burlesque, Muppets...) And now they only did one true glitter. They did do quite a few shimmers/glass flecks though. In fact, there's only two cremes in the collection.

I bought 9 out of the twelve shades. I didn't care much for Skyfall (brick red/kinda brown creme? snooze), Moonraker (brushstroke-y bluish silver chrome? pass) or The Living Daylights (large hex glitters in a burnt orange, blue, and gold (or possibly silver, I don't even remember)? no thanks, I like a my big hex glitter with little glitters mixed in). The 9 I did get, however, I'm in love with.

Today I have You Only Live Twice to show you. This is a beautiful nail polish. Holy crap is this one pretty. It's a jelly cranberry colored base with the prettiest gold/copper glass flecks in it. In the bottle the glass flecks look duochrome but I'm not really seeing that on the nail. And because the base is a jelly, it transforms the shimmers into this really pretty magenta-y color... It's difficult to explain. Sadly, it's even more difficult to capture on camera. I tried for THREE days to get a good picture, all in different lighting, and I got one picture I was satisfied with. Here it is:

Not the best picture, I know, but it accurately shows the color in MOST settings. In some light settings, the polish looks red. It really is an amazing color. Here's what happened when I tried to take a picture with flash to show the sparklies:

See how it changes the color? This polish does NOT like flash photography, ha. But I figured I'd show you because the glass flecks look cool.

The formula on this was perfect. Two easy, smooth, buttery coats of amazing color. I love it. Wear time is good too, I still have it on. It's been three days and I have very minimal tipwear.

So there you have it, the first of the nine OPI Skyfall polishes I got. My next post may or may not be another one from this collection; I am doing a review of the nail studs from and I want to see how long they last so I may add some 'while I was gone' manicures so I'm not gone for a week.

What do you think? Do you like this shade as much as I do? What are your picks from the OPI Skyfall collection? Let me know! Thanks for reading! :D 

Friday, October 05, 2012

What to Expect.

Hey girlies! I have some exciting posts coming up!

I got my nail studs in the mail from Born Pretty, so expect a review soon.

I also got 9 of the 12 OPI Skyfall shades (I didn't get Skyfall, Moonraker, or The Living Daylights). I'm looking for The Man with the Golden Gun... hopefully I'll find it soon.

I also found a couple of fall NOPI shades that I want to wear soon.

I also have some of the OPI Germany polishes that I have yet to swatch...

Because of all of those reasons, I'm going on a no buy until January. Unless I find MWTGG, in which case I will buy it IMMEDIATELY...but that's the only exception.

Anyway, I hope you guys are as excited as I am!!