About Moi

Hey girlies! So I finally decided to show you all what I look like because I've kept my face hidden for so long and I decided eh, what the heck. Here is the face behind the polish. I also wanted to do a little about me. 

My polish obsession started when I was around 4. My mom was a manicurist, and her salon had racks and racks of pretty colors. OPI, Essie, and CND mostly. I would get bi-weekly manicures because everyone thought it was so cute that a little 4 year old was obsessed with nice nails. As I got older, I got more careless with my nails, and then again during highschool, it picked up again. Now, I'm a broke college student with an insatiable thirst for new, amazing nail polishes. Not a very good mix, is it? 

I try to blog as often as I can but I do take breaks from time to time during my...bouts of depression. Please forgive that and hopefully stick around, because I always come back! The nail polish blogging community is awesome and I've found great blogs after making my own. Hopefully one day I'll be as great as some of the bloggers I look up to. Til then, this is just where I document my manicures. I hope you'll stay and look around for a while :] 

<3, Rini

ps- this is the little cutie whose hands you'll sometimes see on my blog: 

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