Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey girlies. Thank you so much to everyone that still follows me. I really appreciate it. I have a few things to say.

1. My eczema is clearing up! It's not magically going away but it is clearing up and I'm happy about that. :D

2. I'm getting a new camera! The camera I've been using is actually my father's and he doesn't know I have it so I'm gonna give it back and buy my own. And because I won't have to use it when he's not around, I should be able to post more frequently. I don't have all of the money to buy the new one yet, but I will very soon and I should be getting the camera soon. :D

3. I'm going to have more time to actually blog! I have breaks between classes and I have to wait for my boyfriend to get out of class on some days so I will have more time to blog. I figure I can take pictures the day I do my nails, and the next day I can crop them, watermark them, and type up the post. That means more time for more thorough reviews and better pictures since I won't have to rush it to be able to post before I have 35987258974 things to do.

Hopefully these changes result in a better blog for you guys, because that's what's most important. Again, thanks for being so patient with me and thanks for not unfollowing me. I really do appreciate you guys and I'm working on another giveaway. Keep in mind that I'm a broke college student so it may take a while to get everything together but I AM working on it.

Thanks so much for everything and I love you guys <3 Have a great day! Thanks for reading! :D 


I just bought a new camera! It should be here Thursday, so expect new posts on the weekend or by Monday the latest! :D


  1. How fun hope your eczema continues to improve! And that you love your new camera!

  2. Glad to hear about your eczema! (= Cant wait to see quality of the new cam. I need a new one too, SOOOOON! Looking forward to future posts!