Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kinda Disappointed... + Pink Wednesday, kinda.

Heyyyy gals! :) SO today I had this adorable pink wednesday mani planned...and I could NOT find my dotting tools. So, I tried to use a toothpick... yeah, that FAILED. I felt like Ray William Johnson was gonna look at my nails and go:

So I had to take it off. And I tried a polish that I got recently, OPI Your Royal Shine-Ness. I was originally not going to get it, but after seeing ALU's swatches of it, I wanted it. The promises of a silver foil with some gold in it reeled me in...but sadly, let me down. In her review, Michelle called it a foil version of Spark De Triomphe, which I LOOOOVED(!!!) and on her nails, it did look like that. On mine, sadly, it just looked like an ordinary silver foil. I was a little let down, just because I had high hopes for this polish...oh well, it's a good foil, nonetheless. The swatches below are two swatches, with a coat of Poshe. Oh, and after cleaning my room, I found my dotting tools so this Wednesday shall NOT go by pinkless! :) I know it's not pink'd out, but I like subtlety. The pinks on my ring finger are China Glaze Rich & Famous, and Color Club Warhol. Enjoy:

OH, I learned how to do dots properly after one of Kayla Shevonne's tutorials. The girl is a GENIUS. 

As always, thanks for reading. Happy Hump Day...well, what's left of it :)


  1. I LOVE this mani! I hate using toothpicks too. It is HELL trying to get a good dot with them!

  2. Thanks thenailaholic! and I knowww, it was hoooorible!! lol.