Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Essence Wake Up!

Hey girlies! So in a recent Ulta haul, I picked up some Essence polishes, namely Where is the Party?, You Belong to Me, and Wake Up!. I got YBTM because I looove the bluer version of Essie Mint Candy Apple and ordered a backup bottle of it and got a green one...my bf also bought me one a while ago... and it was the green one...not that it's a bad color, but I LOOOOVE the blue one! So because YBTM is a dupe for the blue version, I picked up three bottles, which roughly equals a bottle of the Essie. Also, there were only three left...haha. Coincidence? I think NOT :) Do you guys think I'm crazy for that? Did you know there was more than one version of MCA in existence? This happens SOOO often, ugh! Do you want comparison swatches of all the versions I have? Let me know.

Anyways, Essence Wake Up! is a really BAM! in-your-face type of color. It's the color of a red orange Crayola. A shiny, smooth, bright red orange Crayola crayon. :) I love it. It was hard to capture though, so I had to tweak my pictures a little bit to make the color more accurate. Let's have a lookie:

It's amazingly bright and in your face and I love it. It does look more red depending on the lighting, though. In my dining room, it looks more red. In my kitchen, it looks like this. I swear I'm not crazy, haha. OH! It's super pigmented too. I know a lot of people always say that and never show it, so I took a picture of it at one coat to show just how pigmented it is. Here you have it: 

Look at that pigmentation! If I wanted to, I could have stopped at that one coat, but because I'm so set in my ways, I did two. This brand continues to amaze me, seriously. I have no complaints about any polish I have from them. Granted, I don't have many, but I couldn't have just gotten lucky with the few that I have.

What do you think? Do you like this color? And do you guys want the Mint Candy Apple comparisons? Let me know! Thanks for reading! :D 

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