Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hare Polish Let Them Eat...What?


So I've been MIA because my nails suck atm...I've been posting on instagram because I feel as though I can get away with it because the pictures are tiny on my phone...but even so I stopped posting my nails on there too. It's my stupid eczema... elgh. ANYWAY, I've been trying to up my indie collection. I'll get into why a bit later.

I decided to get some Hare polishes off of Llarowe. I wanted Roccoco Grandeur but they were sold out *pout* but I did get 5 really awesome ones. One of which is Let Them Eat...What? 

LTE...W? is awesome. It's a creamy, off-white base with bright orange, pink, gold, and satin white glitters. It's so friggen gorgeous. I layered 2 coats of it over 2 coats of Orly Powder Puff. The Orly is really streaky but the Hare covered that. Here's the pictures:

Indoor Lighting

Shade (from the window)

Bottle Close Up
I tried to take a close up picture of the bottle! :) Let me know if that helps any.

The formula on this At first stroke it was beautiful. The next nail, it was goopy as hell. After that I had to mix it between nails... I don't know what's going on. It's so pretty though, so it's worth it.

How do you like the polish? I LOVE it. Let me know, thanks for reading! :) 


  1. I really like those kind of milky white based polishes and and red and gold glitters brightens it up. I like it. Sounds like a weird formula but it's pretty!

    1. I love milky white based indies too! :) And yeah, the formula was so weird... it got increasingly thick. Like I said, so worth it :)

  2. This is beautiful!
    Maybe some thinner will help?

    1. I added some thinner and it's back to how it was initially... hopefully it won't thicken up so quickly again! :)