Tuesday, August 09, 2011

China Glaze Trendsetter

Hey girls! Soooo I have good news and bad news... good news is, my Downtown set arrived! Bad news is, I'm without a camera for the next two weeks. My dad's going on vacation and he's taking my camera. So that left me with two options, either not post for those two weeks, or resort to my crappy cell phone camera... guess which one I chose? I tried to use my mad photography skillz to fix the settings on it, but they're still not great photos. Not all that crappy, but not great either. I think they're acceptable. Anyways, on to Trendsetter. It's an interesting color to say the least. It also looks different on every single person I've seen it on. On me, it looks like a green. On other people, it looks more yellow. I like it regardless. Below is two coats, topped with a coat of Poshe. It applied beautifully, and if I had shorter nails, one coat would have sufficed. Behold:

Sorry again for the cell phone pictures... I'm gonna try to find my old camera tonight. I have to take this off soon anyways, considering I just ruined two nails typing this post -__- Thanks for reading! :)

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