Sunday, August 14, 2011

I get bored too easily..

Hey gals! This is a super quick post, I literally JUST did this to my nails sooo sorry about that in advance. So I got bored with my last manicure but I didn't want to take it off quite yet...and I ordered OPI DS Sapphire & Original today, so I was in a holo-y mood...(holos are the BEST things EVERRRR) soooo I whipped out my bottle of OPI DS Signature and layered it over my leopard mani. Observe:

Anyone who's ever tried to take pictures of a holographic polish knows how hard it is to capture the holo imagine me, with a crappy camera and horrible weather/lighting. Just know that in the light, my nails look as amazing as the bottle looks in these pics. God, I LOOOVE holo polishes. We need more of them in existence. Can someone please please PLEASE make this happen? Thanks. Anyways, thanks for reading, happy polishing!

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