Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Born Pretty Store Striping Tape Review

Hey guys! Even though my computer is broken, I'm still going to try and blog. I'm using my kindle for the typing and my phone for pictures. Please bear with me. Today I have a review of the striping tape from Born Pretty.

Specifics: this item can be found on their site here: This is the listing for item ID 231; there are other colors available but I got the black one for review.

Packaging: the striping tape comes in a little baggie. Mine came in an envelope which makes sense because it doesn't need stuffing and such.

Use: the tape is easy to use and produces nice, clean lines. I recommend doing one nail at a time so that you can remove the tape before the polish dries. That gives the best results.

Manicure: below is a manicure I did with the striping tape. I used Color Club Cherubic as a base and Butter LONDON All Hail the Queen for the over color, as I call it.

Summary: I've never used striping tape before but this was really easy to use and I'm very pleased with the results. For the price, you really have no excuse to not try it. I now want to use it for every manicure. Ha.

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Stay tuned, I have a review of some nail stickers soon!

As always, thanks for reading!

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