Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I don't know if you'll care but...

... I got my wisdom tooth yanked out yesterday! I'm in pain but they gave me Vicodin so I'll be okay.

It was not as scary as I thought it would be, which pleases me. It was so...quick. They put me under general anesthesia...this is exactly how it went down for me: nurse walks me in and sits me down, puts blood pressure machine on me and these weird clasps on my wrists and a thing on my finger. The dentist comes in and asks some questions, tells me I'm gonna feel a little sting (which was a lie, it was a big sting) as he put the needle in my hand. I felt pressure in my hand, then my arm... I looked away, blinked, and my boyfriend was in the room telling me to get my stuff. I didn't feel a damn thing. It was so quick... I didn't even feel like I was sleeping, it just felt like a blink. It was pretty awesome. Now I'm in pain and it hurts to swallow sometimes but I think I'll be fine.

Which is great because school starts today. I know what you're thinking: oh great, now she has school and will post even more sporadically... NO! Not true. I will be doing my nails at least twice a week: Sundays because they keep me locked up...by they I mean my parents even though I'm 20 years old and should be able to have a social life....but that's besides the point; and Wednesdays because my boyfriend has a 6 hour organic chemistry lab and I have nothing else to do so those two days I'll probably do nail art...

Speaking of nail art, I want to get more into it. I really don't want to just do swatches anymore. I want to get into some pretty nail art. I bought some stamping plates that will hopefully get me inspired. I actually have a manicure to share today that features some stamping! (see, this post isn't all just blabber, haha) Let me showwww you:

This is two coats of OPI Care to Danse? with a glitter gradient of Different Dimension That is SO Fetch! on all fingers except my ring fingers, which I stamped a unicorn on (from MASH plate no. 39). Not sure if you can see the unicorn because I used a silver holo (Color Club Harp On It) to stamp it... let's see if I can possibly enhance the colors or something on photoshop... *goes to work*

Not sure if that helped... I suck at PhotoShop. In fact, the only reason I know how to watermark my pictures like that is because of Nailed It's tutorial... heh. Hopefully you can see it better? If not, take my word for it. It's a unicorn. A holo unicorn. It's pretty badass.

Also, I'm wearing Wicked Fast topcoat by Cult Nails here. I like it so far. It didn't dry as fast as I heard about but it dried fast enough and my mani still looks fresh today (I did these on Sunday morning). It's not as self-leveling as I'm used to with Seche Vite but it does level itself pretty nicely and it doesn't dry as hard as Seche so hopefully I won't get those weird cracks in my polish. Full review of the top coat after I've used up half a bottle because I feel that by then, I will know it well enough to review.

Now, dear reader, there is something that I need from you. Yes, you. Do you have any ideas for nail art that I can try? I've done leopard (many many times as it is my favorite print) and zebra. I want to try chevron and tribal nails. Maybe something floral (but not like the vintage roses I did before)... I don't know. I need some inspiration. Help? Please? :-*

So what do you think? Do you like this combination? How about that unicorn? Any nail art ideas? Let me know! Thanks so much for reading! :D


  1. The unicorn is so pretty. The CC holos are great for stamping from what I've seen, I don't stamp but love looking at others.

    1. Thank you Connie! And they really are great, they stamp so well and the holo sparkle makes it look amazing in the sun.