Thursday, October 27, 2011

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatch + My 2 Cents on Pastel Application

Hey girlies! Sorry for my short absence, my internet was cut off /: I wanted to do my Liebster blog award post but when I went to do it, my phone and internet stopped working and the guy came today to fix it. So, I still have to do that post but I wanted to share swatches of what I'm wearing today. I waited until my internet was fixed to do my nails because I'm a loser like that. Good thing it got fixed today because Fowl Play was chipping... anyways, here we have Essie Mint Candy Apple, two coats, with some Seche.

This is a very very pretty color and one of the few colors that I have a backup bottle of. It's a blue leaning leaning's gorgeous and I love it. I think that I want to call it green just because it has 'mint' in the name. My pictures show it a bit too blue though, so picture it a few shades greener, but not much. It's a gorgeous color, and I love it. You do have to be very careful with application because as with all pastels, it can be streaky.

 I have almost mastered pastel application. My method is to apply it as if it were Seche: A big blob, then spread it, and don't go over the same spot twice. Don't let the brush touch your nail, just maneuver the polish over your nail without touching it. Also, wait at least 2 minutes between coats, including after your base coat. I didn't wait two minutes to put top coat on because I find that Seche helps level things out. I think this method works rather well, considering I only used two coats for this polish whereas I used to take 3-4 coats to apply starky pastels. Hope that helps anyone having trouble applying pastels. That's just my two cents.

Also, my younger sister came up to me and told me that my nails are 'perfect' and that she wishes hers were like mine. I know my nails aren't perfect at all but I felt sooooo proud when she said that. I feel like we spend a lot of time on our nails, filing them right, polishing them right, treating them right...and it feels good to have someone else notice it. I just thought I'd share this little thing that made me smile this big: :D

What do you think? Do you like Mint Candy Apple? Do you have a special way of applying pastels? Let me know! Thanks for reading! :D 


  1. Very pretty color, I love pastels. Maybe i should try applying them like you did because I always end up doing 3 coats, when I could have gotten away with 2 if applied more correctly. Your sister was right your nails are very pretty and perfectly shaped!

  2. Thank you so much, Courtney! :D And let me know if my application method works for you :)

  3. I looooove pastels like this, I can never seem to have enough :) it looks very nice on you!

  4. I love pastels too, Lynn! :) Thank you :D