Friday, October 21, 2011

Two swatches, some nail mail, and my first jack-o-lantern!

Hey girlies! I have a very picture heavy post for you today. So a few days ago I tried on OPI Animal-istic from the Muppets collection and I fell in LOVE with the color! It was so pretty and amazing and ... pretty haha... let me show you what I mean:

It's a gorgeous coral foil, and I love it...except that it chipped on the first day... like, 3 hours after application. Then it chipped on the pointer nail but the little piece of polish was hanging on so I used my emergency method (covering it with the clear nail polish that I MUST have on hand at all times) until I got home and changed it into this:

China Glaze First Class Ticket. It's very pretty and it reminds me of Essie's Sexy Divide only blue leaning rather than reddish leaning...idk what I'm saying but hopefully that made sense. Anyways, I got home today and found some nail mail waiting for me. Here is what I got in the mail:

Wanna guess what they are??  Here are individual shots:

Give up? This isssss (drumroll, please):

And here's the second one:

The picture is deceiving, there's a strong blue flash in this one that my camera didn't pick up. Anyways, it's (another drumroll, please):

YAY!! I was incredibly excited for both! I'm going to use Galaxy Girl first hehe :)

Anyways, today while with Mr. ATPP, we went pumpkin shopping with his brother and we saw something that looks like this:

And of course, I wanted to carve it because I'm weird and rather than carve an actual pumpkin, I choose the weird looking thing. I thought it looked like a ghost so that's what I made it. Introducing, Ghouletta! :D

I tried to get a picture of her in the dark so that you can see her eyes glowing but I couldn't /: but you guys get the point. She's a cutie pie and I'm very proud. I'm probably going to drag my boyfriend to buy an actual pumpkin to carve it :) I love it :D

What do you think? I know this was a lot to take in but does anyone have any comments on anything? Do you like Animal-istic? How about First Class Ticket? Did you like my nail mail? How about Ghouletta? Let me know! Thanks for reading! :D 


  1. I like the OPI its very coral. First class ticket is pretty awesome. Super jealous of your nail mail, wish my mail was that great (cant wait to see swatches!) and Ghouletta is the cutest carved pumpkin on the block! :)

  2. The OPI is pretty. I have First Class Tickets but haven't worn it yet. Love your pumpkin! So cute.

  3. @ Nory: Thank you! And yes, swatches are coming soon! :D

    @ Sara: Thank you! :)