Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cuteness Overload!

Hey girlies! Today I have something adorable to show you. My little sisters love watching me do my nails and they always beg me to do theirs. I've done my 13 yr old sister's nails plenty of times, so that's not anything too cute for me (in fact, it's annoying because she's annoying because she's 13...haha). What is cute, however, is my 7 year old sister asking me to do her nails. Then picking up the bottle and modeling for me! She picked her colors and everything. I cut them, filed them, and painted them to her liking. Here's what I got:

Excuse the lack of clean up. I know I always say that I hate when people don't clean up their nails but it took a lot to just paint these nails and she was itching to go play again. This is Essie's French Affair and Nice is Nice, with some Seche. Here's two coats of each polish. I like how she did different poses and used both hands to show her polishes. Also, her thumbs are purple too. :) She's running around the house showing everyone her nails, and not touching anything. I'm so proud of her :')

What do you think? Have you converted any little ones to nail polish? Let me know! Thanks for reading! :) 


  1. great nails for a 7 year old. Love the colors. great mani

  2. @ Kelly- I agree, she did a great job choosing colors :) Thanks!

    @ Desiree- I'm glad you love it! :)