Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OPI Princesses Rule! Swatches

Hey guys. You know when you're sooo excited that your nails are growing and you're super happy like this :D then your nails do something that make you feel like crap so you cut them all off? No, it's just me? That's cool. Today, I kept scratching my boyfriend unintentionally with my nails /: they were really long and of course I had them filed in a squared shape because that's my nail shape of preference. Every time I touched him he'd go "ow!" 'cause I scratched him.. his face and neck and stuff. I felt soooo bad. To make matters worse, I get home and as I hug my sister, she goes "ouch, that hurt!" and lo and behold, I had scratched her too! I felt so bad. I cut my nails after that. I'd rather be able to hug people than have long nails.

Anyways, on to why you guys read my blog. I like to go for a light color when I cut my nails because it hides the little imperfections that there are right after the cut and initial filing. When I file my nails down now, I'll be able to see the shape better and then I can wear darker colors. The light color I chose today was a shimmery light pink, OPI Princesses Rule! I love this color, it's so fairy dust-y and pretty. It is something I would have worn as a child, for sure. Here is three thin coats, with top coat.

The shimmer in this is the one that goes from a silvery white to pink to green... imagine Essie Pure Pearl-fection as a pink, and this is what you'd get. Only more opaque. It's not fully opaque though, it's sheer but not too sheer. It's great for nubs, and I imagine it would show quite a bit of VNL on longer nails. Nevertheless, it's a greaaaaat color and I love it ridiculously much.

What do you think? Do you like this color? Let me know, thanks for reading! :) 

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