Tuesday, January 03, 2012

In another life, I would make you stay... The One That Got Away Swatches

Hey girlies! I hope you guys are having a great start to the new year. I sadly can't say that about myself. I've been really...depressed lately. I hate it. I can't stop myself from being sad... but enough of my ranting, I know you guys don't want to hear it. I have swatches of a nail polish named after one of my favorite songs atm. This is OPI's The One That Got Away from their collaboration with Katy Perry. Old, I know, but I loved that collection :) Did you guys hear that she's getting divorced? I guess Russell Brand is the other one that got away...haha, bad joke, I know but I had to. Enough rambling. Here's two coats, plus top coat, of course.

I told myself that I need to stop posting 42563463 pictures when I do my posts but I couldn't help but keep it to just one for this polish, it's such a color shifter! It goes from this nice deep wine to a really bright magenta depending on the lighting. And look at the shimmer! It's gorgeous! The formula was great, too. The first coat was kind of sheer but not at all streaky, and it covered perfectly on the second coat. I love this polish :)

What do you think? Do you like The One That Got Away? What was your favorite shade from the Katy Perry collection? Let me know! Thanks for reading! :D


  1. This is the only one that is missing to complete my collection ahhhhh! Where did you find it??

    Btw it's gorgeous on you!

  2. @ Nory: I got this at a beauty supply when the collection first came out but you can still find it on amazon :) and thanks so much :D

    @ Kim: I agree, it's gorgeous :)