Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Question

Hey girlies... So I've been thinking and maybe it's the depression speaking but I kind of want to give up this whole nail polish thing.. I mean, I feel like... what's the point in having so much nail polish? My boyfriend tried to talk me out of it, saying that it's my hobby and that I shouldn't give it up because it makes me happy but... I don't know, I feel like there's no point because I know that I'll never use all of these bottles up.. I don't know. I feel... weird. Like I said, maybe I'm just depressed but have any of you ever felt like this? I'm questioning my sanity over here, questioning why I've been collecting all of these bottles if I know that I'm never gonna use them all ever. I'm not sure... What I'm asking here is... has anyone ever felt like this? Does this feeling mark the end of my nail polish days? Is this the first sign that I am no longer worthy of having a nail polish blog? Was my obsession merely a phase? I guess it boils down to: is this feeling normal? I know you won't all have the answers but I hope you'll share your experiences with me to help me figure out if I'm just in a funk or if this feeling will never go away. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, I truly do appreciate it.


  1. Hey girl,
    Me personally I started to blog to escape the reality and sadness of depression. I have been going through infertility and after feeling so much failure in that department I decided to express myself through something positive, I share my love of polish and when I have too much I give it to other who love polish as much as me. I have felt sad and depressed and it haunts me on a daily basis. Please email me at fiercenails at gmail dot com so we can talk more. I may not know you personally but I have been in your shoes girl! Please feel free to share anything hope to hear from you soon. Hugs!!!

  2. It is absolutely NORMAL to fell the way you are feeling! I go through similar things on a daily basis as well much for the same reasons as Nory. The bottom line is, if what you are doing makes you happy, keep doing it; if not, then find something else that does. As for all the extra polish, sell the ones you don't use or host some giveaways, newbies like me are always looking for stuff like that! Feel free to contact me as well for questions or just to chat: apolishedaddiction at yahoo dot com. Lots of love! :)

  3. Hey Rini, I'm so sorry to hear you think that way!
    I don't have a nail blog, so I don't have any experience. But I just wanted to say that your nail polish love should not depend on whether you are 'worthy' to blog (everyone is!) or on whether the buying of (too much) nail polish is pointless in anyone's eyes.
    As long as nail polish makes you happy, just keep buying and blogging away! And if you grew tired of it, let it sit a while. See if you miss it or not. Lots of bloggers have had hiatuses and came back from it. And if you decide that you don't anymore, then you can always stop blogging or purge your stash...
    I think the bottom line should always be: "Does it make me happy?"

    I don't know if this helped you at all, but I hope so! I always enjoy reading your blog, I think it is awesome! Whatever you decide, I wish you good luck. We will be here for you if you need us, every step of the way!


  4. Thank you girls so much for all your kind words, they really did make me feel better. I'm going to try to keep blogging and keep my spirits up and see if I can 'shake' this feeling.. you guys are seriously so awesome, thanks so much.. I mean it, I wish I could hug you guys. :)

  5. i totally just saw this post.. I've been a little out of the blog world myself.. but it would make me so sad if you left! I think nail polish makes us all happy in ways that we can't really understand. I question sometimes why I hoard so many, that I probably will never use completely.. but it makes me happy. and me moreseo on a personal level, it helps my shopping addiction.. buying a couple cheaper bottles of polish helps curb the urge to go buy 5 million clothes! haha. keep your head up girl!

  6. Thanks so much for commenting Desiree, and you're right, it is better than buying a whole buncha clothes and more expensive things. Thanks again :)

  7. I don't have a nail blog but I did just run across yours and I love it. I plan on subscribing. I have a frugal living/DIY/coupon blog and I left it alone for about 6 months and just blog when I have time. Sometimes I felt like I was being selfish and rude to my followers but they really do understand and they don't think you're neglecting them if you take breaks.

    Just as a thought, have you thought of having guest posts by some of the girls on here to have some extra interaction and take some stress off you posting? I think you're a great blogger and that you should do what makes YOU happy. If that means no more nail polish then go that route :)