Saturday, September 24, 2011

Essie Limited Addiction

Hey gals! So what's a nail polish collection without one awesome red nail polish that you are completely and totally in love with? I know, reds are SO overdone and not everyone's cup of tea BUT it's good to have at least one amazing red that you love in your collection. In my search, I tried plenty a red polish, but I finally found one that I love so much, I have two bottles of it. And that's Essie's Limited Addiction. It's amazing and I love it more than any other red in my collection. I feel SO classy wearing it. It's a jelly that applies like heaven and it's a chameleon in the fact that it changes depending on the lighting. It goes from a darker red to a cherry red, depending on the lighting. We haven't been getting sun the past couple of days here so I can't show you pictures of it in the sun, but I managed to roughly translate what I mean into pictures. Here is two amazingly smooth coats with Essie's Good to Go top coat (I could have gotten away with one, it was streak-free at one coat!) :

This is how it looks most of the time indoors. It's super pretty BUT WAIT, it gets better. Here it is with a rose my younger sister picked from our bushes outside. It matches it a lot more IRL:

See how different that looks? It looks like a totally different red! I love it SO much.

Now I was just having too much fun with the camera haha :)

So here you have it, my most favorite-tist red nail polish ever :) and for someone with about 400 bottles of polish, having a red be one of my favorites says a lot about the red in question, in my opinion. :)

What do you think? Do you like Limited Addiction too? What's your favorite red? Let me know!


  1. I have this red and love it as well! So damn sexy! It would depend on the red category- bright red- RBL Chinoise, burgundy red- Essie wicked vamp red- nails Inc Victoria.

  2. I love love love this red! It's actually the red I & my bridesmaids wore for my wedding! I have two bottles and adore this color!

  3. @ Fingers: I have been lemming RBL Chinoise for just about ever! I agree, it's a gorgeous red :)

    @ Peace, Love and Polish: I also have two bottles! :) I love it SOOO much :)

  4. I don't do red, but I LOVE the name!