Thursday, September 29, 2011

My favorite fall color.

Hey gals! So today I have what has to be my favorite fall polish :) If I said that about any other polish, I LIED. This is hands down my favorite. The funny thing? It's a brown. I generally don't like browns on my nails. But this one is goooooooooooorgeous. (Yes, I am aware of the grammatical and spelling errors in that sentence :b ) I love it. I'm gonna show it to you before I tell you what it is :)

I kinda like posting pictures of both of my hands :) Anyways, have you guessed it yet? It's Tease-y Does It by OPI. I LOOOOVE this polish. Click the pictures to see the amazing duochrome glass fleck that shifts from gold to red... it is SO pretty. I am in love with this color. It kinda of looks like a vampy red in my pictures but it's brown. I promise. It's pretty though. Super ultra mega pretty. :) 

I also have a nail fail picture today. It looks great in pictures but IRL it was horrible. See, I got me some glow in the dark top coat and layered it over OPI Fiercely Fiona... BIG MISTAKE. It takes about two coats of the top coat to get a good glow which would be fine except that FF takes about 3 coats to look remotely decent... and I couldn't get a picture of the glow, so here's a picture of it in the light: 

I know, it's pointless to show a picture of glow in the dark polish in the light BUT I feel the need to document all of my nail doings on this blog SO there you have it. 

What do you think? Do you like Tease-y Does It? What's your favorite fall color? Let me know! Thanks for reading!


  1. That OPI polish is so amazing! I bought a glow in the dark polish the other day! Saving it for Halloween!

  2. I think one of my favorite fall polishes is OPI Diva Of Geneva!!! ZOMG I looooooove that color so much! I have Tease-y Does It but I actually haven't tried it yet! :X Both colors look so good on you!

  3. @ imfeelingnail-venturous: I can't wait to see pictures! Hopefully you'll get the glow to show! :D

    @ Pinupcherrymakeup: I don't have Diva of Geneva /: I think I might pick it up now :) and thank you! :D

  4. I LOOOVEE that Fiercely Fiona.. and LOVE your favorite fall polish... I'm so torn between what mine is, but i think it'd be Midnight in Moscow by OPI!

  5. I have Teasy does it-have yet to wear it-but it looks awesome!! I love browns-ALL browns-you should try more of them! I don't do seasons-I always wear dark colors

  6. I love browns, but this one looks a little bit more burgandy - which spices it up a bit! I always say a polish is my favorite. I have a hard time just picking one :)