Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I can't leave manicures alone, can I?

Hey gals! Super quick post today because I just wanted to share some awesomeness with you! After I did my ombre manicure, I got bored quickly and remembered that I had Milani HD...needless to say, I layered it and OH BOY was it a good idea! Here you have my ombre mani with one layer of HD over it.

Check out that holo! It was holo even indoors under dim lighting. Of course, not a super strong holo but holo nonetheless. I loved it! I took it off today, though, to prepare my post for tomorrow. It's Pink Wednesday and I did some nail art again :) OH, let me show you what came in the mail today:

My new moisturizing base coat! Anything to prevent curling nails!

Well, that's all for today. I'm off to prepare my post for tomorrow, which will be scheduled because I'm not gonna have time to post it the ol' fashioned way.

What do you think? Did I make my manicure better or did I ruin it? Have you tried the Complete Care base coat? Let me know! Thanks for reading!


  1. Ohhh I have it too, but haven't used it yet! And it's going to be a lovely sunny day today, so I should get it out...I'm hoping I can fall in love with these polishes again, after my beef with Cherry Culture... 2 missing polishes from my order, and after some emails they tell I get a refund and need to order again (with shipping costs again to Europe). That's not normal is it? Do you have experience with them?

  2. Btw I'm sorry, I'm not willingly using your blog to openly complain about the company; I just now realized that you might not like my post on your blog.:p You can delete it if you want. Anyway, great mani, I love it!:)

  3. Oh no, that's not a problem Mnemo! I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with them, I've never ordered anything from them before. This sounds pretty nerve-wrecking, to have to put up with that /: And thank you, I hope you try the polishes soon! :)


  5. @ Summer: We can share! :)

    @ imfeelingnail-venturous: Thanks so much :)

  6. @ Fingers: It really was VERY holo-y :)

    @ Desiree: I'm glad you like it :D